Condolence & Memory Journal


Blue Skys , nothing But Blue Skys .Sweet Buttercup ,

Posted by Angelica Kirkvanmoon - Family Friend   September 10, 2019


Sweet Beutiful Soul ,

Posted by Lou Jake - Family   September 10, 2019


Sweet Loveing And Careing Women ,

Posted by Carl Jean - Family   September 10, 2019


Special Lady .

Posted by Buttercup Mars - Family Friend   September 10, 2019


Beutiful Grandmoma

Posted by Steph weber - Grandchild   September 09, 2019


This Is yer Month Holy Mother

Posted by patsey Kline - Family   September 09, 2019


Yer Very Special Month Blue Blue

Posted by d.a.w Weber - Significant Other   September 09, 2019

As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.

Posted by darlene Midnight - Rose Town, PA - daughter   September 09, 2019


Beutiful LAdy ,

Posted by Gina NuB - Significant Other   September 09, 2019


Happy Birthday , Mom, JULY 31

Posted by Darlene Weber - Clifton Heights Pa, PA - Family   August 01, 2019


Happy Birthday Grandmom , Always stephanie . July31.

Posted by Stephanie Weber - Oxford, PA - Family   July 31, 2019


Hello , Mom , Hows Dad, Anyway I been Looking Realy Hard For A Beautiful Head Stone , For You Two , Its A Tuff Choice , But I Promise It Will Be Beutiful , And You Will Love It , You And Dad , Stay Bye Me , Will You .

Posted by DARLENE MCGARTH - Broomal PA, PA - Daughter   July 10, 2019


So Sorry , For yer loss ,

Posted by Beth Demao - Clifton Heights, PA - Friend   July 01, 2019


Mrs Mcgrath , So Deeply Saddened, Wonderful good People Kathaleen was , O Boy I realy am Gona miss her ,I am So very Sorry two hear this, She Loved The 4th of July and all Events , Again its gona be Tuff not Seeing her this year , Stopping in and saying Hello, and a good cup of coffee, her Birthday was this month july 31, O I am So Sorry for the Loss Wil She ever Be missed , My Prayers , Two Family

Posted by Maryann Ragolie - Upperdarby, PA - Family Friend   July 01, 2019


I am So very Saddened , Two Hear this , Godbless her Familey , So very Sorry for yer loss As for the Loss of the Careingest person I ever Met , Deeply am so sad . I just seen her in October , And we sat around and talked , About How Wonderful she looked , She was doing so Well , O My Heart goes Out two All her Familey , God rest her Soul , She was so kind Hearted kinda person , Pls If i can do anything let me no ,

Posted by Amanda Kane - CLIFTON HEIGHTS, PA - Neighbor   June 28, 2019


Sorry for this , MAY GOD Find Comfort For this Familey , Such a Beutifil Human being ,

Posted by Lisa Grammer - South West, PA - Classmate   June 28, 2019


So Sorry , For this , May kind been Waiting at the Golden Gates , She was the Nicest person And Such a Careing Person , God bless her Familey , may she be Resting In Heaven , Mrs Kline

Posted by Missy Kline - Glenaldan, PA - Family Friend   June 28, 2019


So Sorry for the loss , of Kathaleen ,May She find Peace ,

Posted by Rose Tomallo - Lansdowne, PA - Family Friend   June 28, 2019


Kathaleen ,And Familey , So Sorry For the Loss ,She was such a Careing Person , And a loveing Mother two everyone , May she rest in Peace , I Cant Express my Sadness , Such a Kind And Gental Person , May God Take her Two the Golden Gates , She sure had a Ruff Journey in Life , Rest In peace Kathaleen ,

Posted by Susan Capacola - South West, PA - Family Friend   June 28, 2019


Kathy , Will Surly be Missing you , Sorry for the loss, She was a Happy Go lucky person ,Always worrying about how you where feeling , She was a Great Person two be around own Holidays , Kathy Rest in peace,

Posted by Sam Mcmiley - clifton heights, PA - Friend   June 23, 2019


Ant Cass, You Will Be Truly Missed, Till we meet again In Heaven ,

Posted by jen Mckirney - Springfeild, PA - Family Friend   June 23, 2019


So Sorry for the loss of Mrs Mcgrath, She was A very Pleasent Person We Injoyed her Company ,

Posted by Jen Williams - Broomal, PA - Friend   June 23, 2019


Sorry For yer loss , mrs Taylor

Posted by Kris taylar - Springfeild Pa, PA - Friend   June 23, 2019


Sorry for yer loss,I had been a Neighbor of Cass since 1987, I Miss her She Loved Giveing out Candy own Halloween , Such A Beutiful Human being , Always Smiling , I Surely Was saddened two hear this So Sorry for The Family of Kathaleens , May God Been Waiting for her, She Loved All Holidays , I Am Gona Miss her At
Christmas time and the Girls , Thanksgiveing Time All Holidays , We loved Her , Jenny Mcmilty, Clifton Heights Pa

Posted by jenn Taylor - CLIFTON HEIGHTS, PA - Neighbor   June 23, 2019


Rest Comfortable In Heaven , Cass , May God always be wit you,

Posted by Mrs Obrien - Broomal, PA - Friend   June 23, 2019


Kathaleen , May you be Resting Peaceful , In Heaven , Godbless you ,

Posted by Thresa Smith - upperdarby, PA - Family   June 23, 2019


Kass , Rest in peace, Mr and mrs Robertson

Posted by sam Robertson - Springfeild, PA - Family Friend   June 23, 2019


Rest in heaven , Cass ,I wanted two send my Condolence two the family ,mr Mrs, Boyle

Posted by andrea boyle - Clifton Heights, PA - Neighbor   June 23, 2019


Cass , Truely one great person , Me and her go back a long time , May your family find comfort , Sara, Anderson

Posted by sara anderson - philadelphia, PA - Classmate   June 23, 2019


Kass I love you and I will never forget you. I know you're in heaven. Rest In Peace

Posted by Marian Greatrex - NJ - Sister   June 20, 2019


Rest in peace
The Willis Family

Posted by kelly willis - PA - Family   June 19, 2019


Mom. Rest easy with John , Alot of Memories and special moments , Glad I Got two have a Special kinda Mother in Law , Like you , You where like my own mother , Till we Meet again ,

Posted by Spencer Weber - Lancaster, PA - Family   June 19, 2019


Grandmom , Gona miss you , Always brought a Smile every morning And every day i came home from work ,Rest Comfortable wit Grandpop ,I no you will be looking down at me , But Now wit Grandpop , Love you always

Posted by Danny Weber - Quarryville, PA - Family   June 19, 2019


Grandmom , I loved spending time with you , I gona miss you every morning when i go off two work ,you where very special two me , I Love You And will miss you , Always in my Heart , Forever

Posted by Stephanie Weber - lancaster, PA - Family   June 19, 2019

R.I.P grandmom,I'll miss you deeply, but Iknow your not hurting anymore and how happy you are up in Heaven with grandpop. We'll be back together eventually, Grandma. I Love you ❤

Posted by Stephanie Weber - Oxford, PA - Grandchild   June 19, 2019


Mom . I Will always Love you,

Posted by Kathy Mcgrath - Clifton heights, PA - Family   June 19, 2019


Mom, Love You , I always Be Bye yer Side ,

Posted by april mcgarth - Clifton Heights, PA - Family   June 19, 2019


We are so sorry for the loss of yer Mother , With deepest thoughts and prayers ,She was truely a amazing person , Debbie Holt

Posted by Debbie Holt - Springfeild Pa, PA - Friend   June 19, 2019

So sorry for your loss. Mrs. McGrath was a great woman.

Posted by Rachel King - Clifton Heights, PA - neighbor   June 19, 2019


Mom , Yer Always gonna be with me , Love you

Posted by darlene weber - Quarryville, PA - Family   June 19, 2019

RIP my granny

Posted by Spencer Weber - Clifton heights, PA - Grandchild   June 19, 2019

I am sorry for your loss. She will be missed dearly. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Posted by Tiffaney Prather    June 19, 2019

Posted by darlene weber - norwood, PA - Family   June 18, 2019

Aunt Cass, you were such a funny lady, gonna miss you. Rest In Peace. The Orlando's and McWilliams'

Posted by Sandy McWilliams - Trevose, PA - Family   June 18, 2019

Sorry for your loss rest in peace kathleen have coffee with my mom love you

Posted by kelly willis - upper darby, PA   June 18, 2019