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This simple photo of the " Bible of 'Ol ", was a book that John Cannon, just had NOT or ever, read enough. So along with any memorabilia, you may / may not be able to place in his coffin, ( A Holy Blessed Bible), another option, since, I realize this ad memoriam will be too late, for date of his final resting place before Judgement. What will God Do?... Done? This "never priest" had more youthful genetalia, in his hand than his vestments ever saw in the washing machine. -- Awesome Idea -- assuming some of you will know the EXACT LOCATION OF HIS unjust FINAL resting place, of which they DID find room for his overeaten body, PARENTS OF THE ABUSED CHILDREN... THIS, ASSURED, WILL NOT BE EASY... Scan a copy of your molested child, ( preferred about age of penetration or perpetration, as YOU SEE FIT ). Take photo to the plot and simply DRIVE THAT NAIL of "your child's pic", to a stake and drive, oh POUND that stake into the Blessed Earth, as one more..." You got my child, devil, you wil